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Read the most popular FAQ's about our Pronuts!



When do you have to place you order by and when will I receive my order?

Delivery days are every Friday to residential and every Tuesday's & Friday's  Kelowna locations. To ensure your order will be delivered on Friday please have it submitted NO LATER than Thursday at 9AM. Any orders placed after the deadline will be pushed to the following week. 

Are all your products gluten free?


What kind of sugar do you use?

We use stevia as a sugar substitute. Some of the fillings or toppings might have some naturally occurring sugar content because of the fruit ingredients but we do not add any refined sugars to the baking. Some Pronut toppings have sugar in them such as the Skor and Peanut butter cup. However the only sugars come from that and we use a very minimal amount just to create the flavour. 

What flour do you use?

We use gluten free flour and gluten free rolled oat as the base of our bakes.

Are your products really healthy?

At Bloom, we work hard to make healthy eating enjoyable and sustainable. We believe that “healthy” shouldn’t come at the expense of flavor, and that “indulging” doesn’t always have to come with a side of guilt. 

All of our goods are healthy, preservative-free, and made fresh. We strive to keep our treats high in protein, stevia sweetened and gluten free.  

We use quality ingredients that provide health benefits to your body and won't leave you feeling bloated or unsatisfied.

Our main ingredients for our protein donuts are: 

- vegan protein and clean whey/casein blends, which promotes muscle building.
- gluten free rolled oats, which is high in fiber and increases satiety.
- coconut oil, which is a healthy fat that promotes good metabolism and joint health.

- stevia/monkfruit which is a great plant-based, zero calorie sugar substitute that helps curb sugar cravings and gives our products a touch of sweetness. 

Do we ship any of our products?

Not at this exact time, but in the very near future. ​

Where can I get your Pronuts and treats?

See page "how it works". Buy donuts online now! 

Do you do cater?

Yes, we do catering.

When do I have to get my order in by to get a delivery on Friday?

Cut off for orders is the day before Thursday, before 8PM to get on the following delivery day.

Are they too good to be true?

Nope, they are delicious and you can rest assured that they are good for you too.

How long do the Pronuts keep for?

7 days best eaten refrigerated and 3 months in the freezer.

Do you have vegan options?

Not at the moment, but they will return soon!

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